Palfloat - Mental Boxes (mp3)

Price: $5.00
Nakatomi Records is proud to present this digital version of the Palfloat compilation Mental Boxes. Palfloat is a coalition of bedroom rock / folktronica music projects surrounding legendary musician and artist Chad Hopper. This album features amazing mid and low-fi tracks from sub-Palfloat projects The Sleuths, Night Viking, Basic Shapes, Chaired, Pueblo, Yogurt Patrol, Science Club, Waggs, Dr. Clown, Franc Dado Hen, and Weird Bench.

Basic Shapes: Honestly
Chaired: Night Court Bed Sheets
Waggs: Reagan Clause

The digital package comes with high quality scans of all the album artwork and 320kbps mp3's with well formatted tagging. The receipt for your purchase will have a link embedded for your downloading pleasure.

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