Night Viking and Friends - Haunted Gravy (mp3)

Price: $5.00
Nakatomi Records is proud to present this digital version of the Night Viking and Friends compilation Haunted Gravy. This album is a collection of bedroom rock / folktronica music projects surrounding legendary musician and artist Chad Hopper. This compilation was assembled in 2011 and features music by Yogurt Patrol, Sayre, Community Lotion, Jonathan Horne, Doctor Clown, Weird Bench, Tlaotla, Ichi Ni San Shi, Epop Nivek, Envee Lite, and lots of wild-ass live performances by Night Viking. Sure to rock your socks off!

Doctor Clown: Cold Bananas
Night Viking: Haunted Carpet
Chaired: Data Nap

The digital package comes with high quality scans of all the album artwork and 320kbps mp3's with well formatted tagging. The receipt for your purchase will have a link embedded for your downloading pleasure.

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