Climate - Swallow All Letters (mp3)

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Nakatomi Records (NKR-001)
All songs by Nathan Beach and Grant Kuneman
© 2000 Bryan’s Cabin Songs, ASCAP

Recorded at Lowfashion!Dallas
Recording by Climate
Finished 10 July 2000
Originally Released by Hot Link Records (CLI-2753)
Re-Released Digially by Nakatomi Records (NKR-001)
Executive Producer: Wallace Campbell
Album package by Tommy Moore
Artwork by Climate
  1. Sally's On The Phone (2:46)
  2. Maybe Some Time (2:57)
  3. Show Me Your Fingers (2:11) [listen!]
  4. Fashion! (3:08)
  5. Take Me Home Now (0:49)
  6. To-morrow May Be The Day (2:27)
  7. 1999 (2:04) [listen!]
  8. Happy Birthday To Me (1:52)
  9. Julie's Clothes (4:12)
  10. Hitting Costs Nothing (2:55)
  11. In The Harbor (3:06)
  12. The Executive Spouse (4:56) [listen!]
  13. Somewhere Toward The Back (3:33)
  14. They Rolled Up The Rug (5:06)
  15. Grey and Black Unswitched Tracks (6:37)
  16. To-day Is The Day (3:18) [listen!]

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